Reinvigorating an adelaide Kitchen

Our 27 Dover Kitchen Renovation
Our 27 Dover Kitchen Renovation
Our 27 Dover Kitchen Renovation
Our 27 Dover Kitchen Renovation
white and black modern kitchen renovation
Our 27 Dover Kitchen Renovation
Our 27 Dover Kitchen Renovation
renovated laundry in kitchen
Our 27 Dover Kitchen Renovation
Our 27 Dover Kitchen Renovation

This kitchen renovation restored an adelaide home to its former glory, while opening it up to create a more contemporary family living space

There has undoubtedly been a shift towards more open plan, flowing living spaces in both contemporary and heritage homes in Adelaide, and this kitchen renovation in a classic sandstone villa was no exception.

In addition to completely reimagining the configuration of the kitchen extension to open it up and make it more accessible, the client also wanted to refresh the overall design style. Furthermore, parts of the house also needed some structural repair, and this underpinned all of the work that we did.

What did the client want from this kitchen renovation?

The client wanted a high end kitchen renovation that resulted in a more open and welcoming space, as the island that was previously there segmented the room and made it feel quite enclosed. As part of this process, we also made alterations to the existing doors and windows and, most crucially, re-tiled the floor. This not only produced a more contemporary style surface, but also broke up the previously dominant uniform cream colour scheme.

white and black modern kitchen renovation

In addition to this reconfiguration, the original, significantly older front part of the house also needed attention, in particular repairing the cracks in the walls and ceilings that had appeared over time.

Episode 2: Demolition

What was the original house like?

In a number of areas, the property was in need of some love and attention. Both its age, and the fact that some fairly low quality restoration and renovation work had been done over the years, meant that the walls and ceilings in the original front part of the house in particular desperately needed attention.

mid 2000s cream kitchen

The kitchen itself, however, was in relatively good structural condition for a property of its age, but the client wanted to upgrade it so that it was more consistent in look and feel with the older part of the house.

Episode 3: tILING

What were the client’s “must haves” for this Adelaide Kitchen Renovation?

The client had a number of must-have features that they wanted to be incorporated into their kitchen renovation. Imported marble and natural stone worktops were an essential requirement, as were 2PAC Shaker finishes on all doors, drawers and panels.

In addition, it was important for them to have fully integrated appliances, and that the washing machine and dryer were concealed and yet still easily accessible. Strip lighting and downlights in the cabinetry were also features that the client requested

renovated laundry in kitchen

In addition, there was also work required to repair cracks in the walls and ceilings that had appeared, as well as to remove some previous embellishments that had been made.

Episode 4: pAINTING

Key pieces of furniture and fittings

The undoubted star of this home renovation project was the imported Italian marble top that has become the centrepiece.

Stunning in its own right, it also replaced the existing rather plain and inaccessible kitchen island, and in so doing opened up the space wonderfully well.

white cupboards with black marble kitchen renovation

The deep, dark colour also provides a strong visual contrast with the lighter coloured walls and cabinetry, which further accentuates this new island’s central role in the room.

What were the challenges with this kitchen renovation?

The level of detail that went into the features we installed in the kitchen made this a demanding, albeit highly rewarding, project to undertake. In terms of repair and restoration work, the walls and ceiling throughout, but especially in the original older parts of the house, required high levels of expert workmanship. The highly successful end result is testimony to the quality of the work of our team and associated trades.

Episode 5: fINAL pRODUCT

Why does this Adelaide home renovation work?

There are a number of factors that have contributed to the success of this project. In particular, the way the kitchen and the living space are now seamlessly integrated has transformed the room entirely, while the imported marble and natural stone surfaces are a visual highlight and yet entirely practical at the same time.

The installation of integrated appliances also contributed to the more streamlined, contemporary appearance and the open look and feel of the entire space.

Incorporating a laundry renovation into the project, so that the washing machine and dryer can be quickly accessed but are concealed when not in use, was also an aspect of the project that worked extremely well, and which more than met the client’s expectations.

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