Creating space with an aldgate bathroom renovation

A Reconfigured Bathroom for More Space
A Reconfigured Bathroom for More Space
A Reconfigured Bathroom for More Space
A Reconfigured Bathroom for More Space
A Reconfigured Bathroom for More Space
A Reconfigured Bathroom for More Space

creating more space for the whole family

The aim of any home renovation is to create the ideal living circumstances for your particular lifestyle and your family’s needs. In the case of this bathroom renovation in Aldgate in the Adelaide Hills, the clients wanted to reconfigure two existing spaces to create a larger, more accessible ensuite bathroom, along with additional storage space that would better suit their current needs.

What did the client want from this bathroom renovation?

The clients’ main aim was to create an ensuite bathroom large enough for two people to be in at the same time, as the existing one was somewhat cramped and not especially well laid out.

In order to achieve this, it was decided to turn a spare bedroom into the walk-in wardrobe, and renovate the existing ensuite/walk-in robe so that it became solely a more spacious, accessible ensuite bathrooms.

What was the original bathroom like?

The existing ensuite bathroom remained unaltered from the time the house was built. It was very small and not particularly well configured and was also looking dated in comparison to the rest of the house. In addition, it was also water damaged, and so this needed to be addressed

What were the client’s “must haves” for this Adelaide bathroom Renovation?

The goal of this bathroom renovations for the clients was for both of them to be able to use the ensuite at the same time. Prior to this, when one was using the ensuite, the other had to use the bathroom on the other side of the rather large house.

Convenience and a layout better suited to their lifestyle were therefore their aims.

Key pieces of furniture and fittings

A key element of this bathroom renovation was the brushed gold sanitary ware that the clients had chosen.

This blends extremely well with the terrazzo floor tiles and white tiled walls, creating a sophisticated, contemporary look, which is further enhanced by the dark colours of the floating vanity unit and shelves.

The overall effect is to create a warm and welcoming bathroom that nevertheless offers plenty of space and room to move, as per the clients’ requirements.

What made this bathroom renovation significant?

The most significant aspect of this bathroom renovation in Adelaide was that the original ensuite walls were lined with asbestos. This can cause havoc in any sort of renovation or rebuilding work and so requires specialist treatment.

Fortunately, we discovered this early on in the process and were able to have it removed professionally prior to any work beginning. This ensured that the clients and our trades remained safe throughout the course of our bathroom renovation project.

Why does this bathroom renovation work?

For the clients, this home renovation was such a success because it fulfilled their need for two people to be able to use the ensuite at the same time. In addition, we installed an enormous shower with a full-length tiled shelf that can be put to a range of uses, as well as open, floating shelves, and so these new features also met the need for increased storage capacity.

Overall, not only is the client now benefitting from an ensuite that is roughly three times as large as the previous one, but they now also have significantly more storage space, both in the ensuite and through the creation of a new walk-in wardrobe in what was formerly a spare bedroom.

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