A Wayville Bathroom Renovation Fit For Now and the Future

The Client's Story

When we undertake a home renovation, homeowners will often want us to update old and outdated features that may have become unfashionable, or no longer effectively meet the family’s needs. This was the case for our clients, wanting to update the main and ensuite bathrooms of their Wayville home.

The goal for the main bathroom was to create an attractive space, especially when viewed from the living area. The ensuite bathroom was tired, non-functional, cramped and in need of an update. In addition, the ensuite was very outdated and detracted from the overall appearance and style of the home. To bring the ensuite into 2022, the clients must haves were a new double shower, along with significantly enhanced storage space, greater bench space and larger, more accessible mirrors.

Although it was previously a reasonably user-friendly space, there were aspects that needed to be improved in terms of its functionality, while the overwhelmingly dark tones made it look largely uninviting.


The work required in the ensuite bathroom was extensive, as it needed to be stripped entirely, however, this enabled us to change how the room was oriented and gave us the room to install the substantial double shower and the new vanity.

The existing door and ceiling were raised to achieve light and space in the room and the stunning fixtures and fittings are now much more in harmony with the style through remainder of the home.

Major work was also required in the main bathroom and was also allowing minor changes to the layout, but more importantly it meant that we could turn the brushed brass grate in the centre of the room into a real standout feature. Along with the stunning vanity, standalone bath, and floor to ceiling mirrors, the room has been completely transformed keeping with the style in the rest of the home.

The renovation was not without challenges during the deconstruction phase, after discovering poor workmanship and spaces, along with some parts of the existing build not meeting code. However, thanks to our efficient and detailed planning, skilled workmanship and coordination skills, we were able to bring it all together.

Key Features

  • Sophisticated brushed brass sanitary ware and in-wall cisterns in both spaces
  • Stunning marble effect tiles throughout both bathrooms
  • Brushed brass strip grate to the ensuite bathroom
  • Elegant hanging chandelier.
  • Raised ceiling for increased light and space
  • Freestanding bath
  • Floor to ceiling cupboards with brushed brass handles and floor to ceiling mirros


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