Bathroom, Laundry and Roof top Oasis in Hyde Park

The Client's Story

The clients had several parts of their house that required renovation. Firstly, the bathroom and laundry areas were not consistent with the overall beauty of their home. Their primary goal was to create a functional space that not only complemented the house itself but also matched their interior style and way of living.

In addition, the clients had been dealing with a persistent balcony leak for the past decade. Despite supposedly fixing the issue five years ago, the leak had resurfaced even stronger. The clients had grown tired of living in constant fear of mother nature and simply wished to enjoy their lovely balcony without resenting its existence.

The bathroom exhibited multiple issues such as leaks, significant cracks, and an improvised bay window that lacked any structural integrity. Moreover, both the laundry and bathroom were highly dysfunctional, offering little to no functionality.

The balcony area suffered extensive water damage, which was clearly visible both on the balcony itself and in the surrounding spaces, including the bedroom, ensuite, and living area. Living in such a severely damaged and damp environment was far from ideal for the clients. Additionally, the balcony itself was not suitable for entertaining guests due to its compromised condition.


The bathroom and laundry was stripped back to its bones. New concrete slabs were installed to both areas to make both floor plans more functional. The make shift bay window was removed and the concrete slab extended to allow the construction of new bay windows.

The balcony was brought back to the existing cement sheeting, serving as the starting point for the construction process. The existing balcony window and door were both modified to allow the correct waterproof sill (which is paramount for a successful balcony). The timber was removed from around the shutters and built cladded framework to match the existing parapet walls. All areas where waterproofed and tiled with the correct falls to the central strip grate. The living room and bedroom ceilings were removed and reinstalled as well as re-configuring all lighting which now compliments the space.

To ensure waterproofing, all areas were treated and tiled with careful attention, creating appropriate falls leading to the central strip grate. In addition to the balcony renovation, the ceilings in both the living room and bedroom were removed and reinstalled. The lighting configuration was reconfigured to compliment the revamped space effectively.

Key Features

  • Brushed brass tapware
  • American oak vanity
  • VJ board cladding
  • Terrazzo tiles
  • Tile insert strip grate
  • Texture coated reveals around the shutters


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