Comprehensive home renovation in Seaton

The Client's Story

Erected in the 1980s, the house embodied the quintessential aesthetic of its era—marked by a dim interior, scantily illuminated by natural light. The use of dark-stained timber in the form of arcs, doors, and skirts, coupled with the shadowy slate flooring throughout, cast a gloomy ambiance over the residence.

Recognising the need for an enhancement, our clients were at a crossroads — contemplating whether to embark on a new construction project or enhance their existing home. Their affection for the cherished memories woven into their family home, combined with a deep appreciation for the area, made the decision clear. Opting for a comprehensive home renovation, they chose to build upon the foundation of their beloved residence. As their young family evolved, the desire for purposeful and expanded living spaces became apparent, prompting this thoughtful and transformative decision.


The kitchen underwent a remarkable transformation into a luminous haven by introducing two V-lux skylights, ushering in abundant natural light. The conventional kitchen window was replaced with a minimalist-track bi-fold window, not only facilitating a servery benchtop but also creating an inviting bar area accessible from the outside. Cleverly concealed behind joinery paneling, every aspect of the pantry seamlessly integrated into the design.

The former second dining room underwent a metamorphosis into a stylish study. Closure of an external doorway provided additional wall space, while the introduction of a V-lux skylight flooded the room with natural light. Thoughtfully designed joinery and ample desk space were incorporated to maintain an uncluttered and functional environment.

To elevate the entire home to a superior standard, comprehensive upgrades included new electrical systems, lighting fixtures, a fresh coat of paint, and the installation of refined timber flooring. These enhancements not only brought the residence up to modern standards but also harmonised seamlessly with the aesthetics of the revamped spaces throughout the home.

This renovation strategically centers around the kitchen, positioning it as the heart of the home. With the servery fostering a connection between the inviting interiors and the beautiful alfresco and pool area outside and the study becomes a multifunctional space and a central point where both productivity and family engagement seamlessly co-exist.

Key Features

  • V-Lux Skylights
  • Natural Oak and Steccawood Kitchen panelling
  • Kitchen servery window with external bar
  • Blackbutt flooring


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