Enhancing functionality in this bathroom and laundry in Athelstone

The Client's Story

The clients sought to embark on a comprehensive bathroom and laundry renovation project with the aim of harmonising it with the refined ambiance of their recently renovated ensuite. Recognising the need for continuity and cohesion in the design, they were keen to ensure that the newly revamped bathroom and laundry would seamlessly integrate with the rest of their home, reflecting a consistent and elevated sense of style and functionality throughout.

The original spaces had aged and it was showing. The storage options were severely limited, and the existing storage solutions were ineffective in meeting the needs of our clients.


We undertook a comprehensive overhaul of both the bathroom and laundry spaces, involving the complete removal of existing fixtures and fittings. This included meticulous plumbing adjustments and the replacement of all tiling throughout both areas. New joinery was carefully crafted and installed to seamlessly enhance the functionality and look of the space, ensuring a harmonious integration with the surrounding rooms.

This renovation serves to blend the bathroom and laundry with the overall look of the house, ensuring a unified design throughout the entire living spaces. By aligning the bathroom and laundry with the style and theme present elsewhere in the house, it not only enhances the visual appeal but also creates a sense of continuity and flow. This attention to detail in the renovation works to elevate the overall ambiance and functionality of the home, creating a connection and an inviting environment for our clients and guests alike.

Key Features

  • Splashback featuring a stylish herringbone pattern
  • Corian benchtop and basin seamlessly integrated


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