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How We Brought a 1970s Unit up to 2020 Standards
How We Brought a 1970s Unit up to 2020 Standards
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How We Brought a 1970s Unit up to 2020 Standards
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How We Brought a 1970s Unit up to 2020 Standards
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How We Brought a 1970s Unit up to 2020 Standards
How We Brought a 1970s Unit up to 2020 Standards
How We Brought a 1970s Unit up to 2020 Standards
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How We Brought a 1970s Unit up to 2020 Standards

An Adelaide Home Renovation Ideal for Young Professionals

Anyone who knows Kingswood and other similar Adelaide suburbs will know that they have an abundance of cream brick, one-storey units, typically constructed on large blocks as part of a knockdown & rebuild, usually in the 1970s.

While these units continue to be highly desirable properties for young professionals and others trying to get onto the property ladder, it can be the case that the decor and interior can seem very dated if there haven’t been any renovations done since the original construction.

One of our recent Adelaide home renovation projects required us to completely update the interior of one of these units in Kingswood (part of a block of six), prior to the owner putting it on the market, the listing can be found here. As can be seen from the images, the transformation was quite remarkable, and this property is now a highly desirable unit with an exciting contemporary look and feel. A special thanks to Smallacombe for letting us use their images!

What did the client want from this home renovation?

The client wanted to sell the unit, but realised that it needed a major update throughout, as well as some significant reconfiguration and reconstruction to make it more appealing in today’s market.

They wanted us to undertake a complete update of all features, including extensive kitchen and laundry renovations, along with modernisation of the décor and fixtures.

What was the original house like?

The unit had remained largely unchanged since it was constructed in the 1970s. It looked very dated in terms of the décor, carpets, fixtures and fittings, while the actual layout of the unit itself was not necessarily appealing to buyers in today’s market.

The client was therefore looking for a complete update, and this required us to totally gut the unit, including ripping up the existing flooring, as well as deconstructing and then rebuilding the kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

What were the client’s “must haves” for this Adelaide home Renovation?

The client was clear that they wanted us to create a stylish, modern unit that would have appeal for young professionals looking for a contemporary lifestyle within easy reach of the city. This was the specific market they were hoping to appeal to, and so was the guiding principle behind the project and why aspects like the large scale kitchen renovations were so necessary.

However, one of the property’s features that the client was keen to retain was the fireplace, which forms a focal point in the living room. This wasn’t actually too difficult to do, and only required a little additional prep work prior to painting in order to restore the woodwork to its original state.

Key pieces of furniture and fittings

The bathroom renovation was undoubtedly one of the key aspects of this project. As can be seen from the Before shots, it was looking quite tired and dated, while the layout was unlikely to appeal to the intended market.

Therefore, we completely gutted the bathroom, reconfiguring the underfloor and laying a new concrete substrate. We also reconfigured the plumbing to improve its efficiency.

In addition, we re-tiled the bathroom from floor to ceiling, using sophisticated white subway tiles, as well as darker, patterned 300 x 600 tiles on the floor. We also installed a new bath and shower screen, plus new taps, and added a new toilet, vanity unit and ceiling, with the whole job topped off by crisp white paint job.

As can be seen from the images, the new bathroom is almost unrecognisable from the original.

The kitchen renovation was the other major part of the project. Again, we began by completely gutting the existing kitchen and then essentially starting again from scratch. New tiles were laid, and these now flow seamlessly into the laundry, and we added new subway tile splashbacks as well.

There was previously a somewhat dated sliding door leading from the kitchen into the living room.

We removed this, including the architraves, and then plastered it square, giving it a clean, contemporary look.


Rather than working with an architect, Trilogy Projects undertook all of the design work associated with this project ourselves. We managed every aspect of the home renovation process, from helping the client to choose appropriate suppliers, to reviewing their selections, to undertaking all of the deconstruction work, to the rebuilding and installation of fixtures and fittings, to managing the different trades who worked with us onsite.

This required a lot of preparation and planning on our part prior to the work beginning, but this forethought enabled us to turn the project around in six weeks, while still maintaining our very high standards of workmanship.

Why does this Adelaide home renovation work?

The ultimate success of these renovations is that we created a unit that matched the needs and expectations of the sort of buyer our client wanted to attract. In terms of finish, layout and style, we were therefore able to bring the client’s vision to life, and produce the perfect property for the intended market.

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