Maximising the Potential of this Athelstone Bathroom

The Client's Story

A few years ago, our clients entrusted us with their ensuite project, and they were so pleased with the quality and aesthetics that they wished to extend the same level of excellence to their family bathroom.

The bathroom was due for a makeover, considering the frequent use it received from their children. As the bathroom was constructed years ago, it was not surprising to discover a couple of water leaks over time, which gradually led to the deterioration of the bathroom’s systems. The initial space designated for the upstairs bathroom had a functional floor plan, but it lacked certain features that would have transformed it into a truly enjoyable space.


We undertook a complete renovation of the bathroom, starting from scratch and rebuilding it to a significantly higher standard. One of the notable changes we made was replacing the existing window with a sleeker design, enhancing both the entry of natural light and the overall look of the bathroom. Additionally, we replaced the built-in bath with a freestanding one and opted for a wall-hung vanity. These modifications not only added a sense of spaciousness to the room but also maintained its functionality without any compromise.

The bathroom has a sense of light and brightness, complemented by the perfect touch of colour provided by the charcoal floor tiles, making it truly eye-catching. One of the most impressive features of the bathroom is the way the double arch mirrors, frameless shower screen, and aluminium window complement each other, creating a seamless flow that stretches from one end of the bathroom to the other.

Key Features

  • Posh Domaine Prime Oak double vanity
  • ADP Arch mirrors
  • Posh Domaine freestanding bath


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