Renovating a Mile End bATHROOM AND lAUNDRY

Mile End-24-min
An Adelaide Bathroom Renovation Made for Family Living
Mile End-23-min
An Adelaide Bathroom Renovation Made for Family Living
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An Adelaide Bathroom Renovation Made for Family Living
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An Adelaide Bathroom Renovation Made for Family Living
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An Adelaide Bathroom Renovation Made for Family Living
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An Adelaide Bathroom Renovation Made for Family Living

Our Design team was tasked with reinvigorating the wet areas of this mile end heritage property

It may be a common place — but is nevertheless true — that the bathroom, laundry and other wet areas are the parts of a home that show their age most quickly and are most often in need of renovation when homeowners want to bring an older property up to contemporary standards.

This is particularly the case in heritage properties which may not have the sort of layout or floorplan that necessarily suits modern living.

What did the client want from this bathroom and laundry renovation?

With a family of five to contend with, our clients Nella and Tony wanted to renovate the wet areas in their home, not only to give them a design refresh but also to make them more user friendly, given the amount of use they get.

For Nella, it was also important that the same style and colour palette flowed throughout the house and into the wet areas, to create a unified look and feel.

In addition, the property also had a courtyard within the existing floor plan that was not being utilised to its full extent, and so Trilogy Projects was tasked with incorporating easier access to this space as part of the work.

What was the original house like?

Constructed in the early 1900s, the original house was in very good condition structurally, and over the years had been updated and renovated to very high standards throughout. However, the only spaces where this wasn’t the case were the wet areas.

They had some attention in the past, as the fixtures and fittings were not the early 20th-century originals, but they nevertheless looked dated and tired. Like other properties of a similar vintage, the bathroom was also quite cramped and the space was not being utilised efficiently.

What were the client’s “must haves” for this Adelaide Bathroom Renovation?

The clients had a very clear vision as to what they wanted their Adelaide bathroom renovation to achieve. Top of the list was that the bathroom and laundry were to be configured so as to create more useable space, making them more suitable for busy daily life with a family of five. In the bathroom, this included large open showers and significantly more vanity space.

In both the bathroom and laundry, the clients were also very clear that they wanted all of the wet areas were to be fully tiled, making them easier to clean and better able to cope with the amount of use they get.

Key pieces of furniture and fittings

The key feature and unifying design concept was the laying of slate floors in the bathroom and laundry. Slate was already being used throughout the home, and so it was important that the wet area floors complemented the look elsewhere.

Another key feature of the renovation was the beautiful, patinated seaweed colour subway tiles that the client chose. These were used as feature tiles behind the freestanding bath and over the sink and appliances in the laundry, and served as a unifying design feature that brought the two spaces together wonderfully well.

What were the challenges with this bathroom renovation?

The client was especially keen on the shower area being opened up, as in its former state it was somewhat cramped and claustrophobic. In order to achieve this, we were required to remove brick work up to the ceiling, and had to tackle a load bearing wall. This was a demanding task that required significant planning, but the end result shows that it was clearly worth it.

why does this bathroom and laundry renovation work?

The success of this Adelaide bathroom and laundry renovation lies in the seamless integration with design features to be found in the rest of the house, from the custom-made cabinetry, to the vanity, to the slate floor tiles. We were also able to give the clients the additional space they craved by removing the bathroom double doors, and installing a high window that floods the room with light, further creating a sense of open space.

In addition, we created a new doorway through to the courtyard from the master bedroom, enabling that space to be utilised more efficiently — and creating a quiet parent’s retreat!

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