Sleek and modern family bathroom in Millswood

The Client's Story

The space was previously utilized as a bedroom, but it was in a state of disrepair. The ceiling was sagging, the floor was bouncy, and there were areas on the walls where the plaster was peeling off.

The clients aimed to create a central gathering place for their expanding family by turning their bathroom into a multi-functional space. Given their hectic lifestyle, it was crucial that the bathroom was roomy and equipped with all the necessary amenities to accommodate the family’s preparation routines, regardless of the time of day.

The Must Have’s for this renovation were:
-Double shower
-Double basin
-Central bath


The original room was stripped back bare. We removed all ceilings, wall coatings and flooring including all floor joists underneath. There was a large amount of pre planning and digging was completed in order for us to get the sewer connection into the room and turn it into a bathroom. We then installed steel and concrete to the new footings and floor giving us a sturdy foundation for the remainder of the works to be undertaken.

The location of this area is simply ideal as it sits at the center of the house, making it easily accessible from all other areas. The bathroom boasts ample space, providing an inviting atmosphere that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. The bathtub has been strategically positioned at the heart of the room, adjacent to a stunning original window. This design choice not only allows abundant natural light to flood the space, but also gives the clients the option of enjoying a relaxing soak while taking in the lush views of the garden.

Key Features

  • Australian chestnut timber vanity
  • The Byron Matt clear stone freestanding bath
  • The Milli brushed nickel sanitary ware
  • Wall to wall strip grate


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