Heritage home in North Adelaide

The Client's Story

We were presented with a blank canvas to exercise our creativity. The space that we converted into a luxurious ensuite and a functional study was initially the fourth bedroom. Fortunately, the structural integrity of the area was sound, despite its age, providing a solid foundation on which to build our vision.

The clients sought to enhance their already stunning home with the addition of an ensuite, featuring direct access from their bedroom. As their children are getting older, it was crucial that the new ensuite did not detract from their living space, but instead contribute to their overall comfort and enjoyment of the home.

The must have’s of this renovation were to:
-Provide a traditional ensuite which kept to the heritage of the home
-Storage that could be utilised
-Direct access to their ensuite


The original fourth bedroom was ingeniously partitioned into two separate areas, with one half being converted into a sophisticated study and the other half transformed into a luxurious ensuite. In order to provide a sturdy foundation, new footings and concrete were meticulously installed, while new walls and ceilings were erected to define the new space. Furthermore, a doorway was expertly crafted into the existing brick wall to provide direct access to the ensuite from the client’s bedroom. After the structure was complete, the interior design elements were masterfully executed, resulting in a seamlessly integrated space that evokes a timeless charm consistent with the late 1800s architecture of the original building.

Key Features

  • Custom built joinery
  • Stone vanity benchtop
  • Vintage mirror


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