Outdoor entertaining at it finest in Parkside

The Client's Story

After completing substantial internal renovations for the client, the only missing piece to their beautiful home was an outdoor entertaining area. Despite having a stunning backyard with plenty of trees and grassy areas, there was no covered space to sit and enjoy it all.

Unfortunately a storm destroyed the original pergola, leaving the clients with a concrete slab as their only outdoor entertaining area. When ever they would open the rear doors, the elements from outside would pour in, making it difficult to enjoy their space.


The work undertaken to transform this area was a brand new deck and roof structure was built around the original finished floor levels. Ramps and steps were added to provide access to the BBQ area and lush gardens. The roof was built with a reverse lean design, so it could showcase the exposed structural steel beams and natural hardwood timber throughout.

The alfresco area blends in seamlessly with the existing house’s colour palette and isn’t obtrusive to its surroundings. Thanks to its reverse lean design, the alfresco receives plenty of natural light, offering the clients a full view of their lush gardens.

Key Features

  • Natural hardwood timber
  • Deck level to work seamlessly with existing door thresholds
  • Lighting placement for entertaining and relaxing


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