Modernising a Period-Kitchen

The Client's Story

The original property was a two-room cottage built in the 1880s. Since then, it has undergone multiple small extensions and modifications, however these had not made the property more suitable for modern living (and in many instances, they had made it more difficult to create a viable family home). In addition, the property had seen better days, and was in need of some love, care and hard work to restore it.

In terms of the how the property was configured, it featured a small, dark and cramped hallway that was not especially inviting, while the large living area too was somewhat neglected. To compound the issue, this part of the house was separated by walls which meant the space was rather dark and unwelcoming.


Although the property had undoubtedly seen better days, the clients loved both their home and the surrounding neighbourhood and so did not want to move away. However, the size of the house meant that it was far from ideal for family living and they dreamt of a home that was both beautiful and eye catching, while also meeting the family’s lifestyle needs.

Key elements of the client’s vision included the creation of a large, symmetrical hallway that was inviting rather than forbidding. They also wanted an open plan living space that brought in natural light as a means of creating a more spacious look, as well as more storage options.

In addition, the clients regularly enjoy entertaining outdoors, so a key need for them was to have a living room that incorporated the outdoor space, but which could also be enclosed and heated so that it could be used all year round.

Watch this project take shape, in our videos below.

Key Features

  • V-groove paneling in the hallway, joinery and fireplace
  • Gas log fireplace
  • Tall doorways in the hallway, with skirting boards that flow with the same lines
  • Contemporary style tiles, sanitary ware, electrical appliances and fixtures
  • Beautiful, polished concrete floor in the main living area
  • Elongated window in the kitchen, with integrated shelving; and
  • Impressive sliding doors that join the living room to the alfresco dining space

The home renovation process in older, heritage or historic properties can be challenging enough, but it can be additionally complex when the property has undergone modifications over the years that have not been completed to what we would recognise as acceptable standards. Building regulations in the past were not always as strict as they are today!

Having to reconfigure a 19th-century property that has undergone some less than optimal renovations over the last 140 years is, however, what we faced in this Adelaide home renovation.

Episode 1 - Introduction

Episode 2 - Demolition

Episode 3 - Early Progress

Episode 4 - Joinery

Episode 5 - Tiling

Episode 6 - Final Product


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