Preservation and Restoration in this charming home in Norwood

The Client's Story

The initial state of the home was characterised by weariness, antiquation, and a lack of functionality. Typical of its era, the house bore the marks of numerous small do-it-yourself renovations and haphazard additions, resulting in a disjointed appearance. Devoid of modern conveniences like an ensuite, equipped with an outdated outhouse toilet, and lacking a warm, homely ambiance, the residence awaited a transformative renewal.

The clients were driven by a shared commitment to realize and enhance the previous owner’s vision through a comprehensive renovation. They embraced a sense of responsibility to restore its inherent beauty while seamlessly integrating modern amenities. Their ultimate goal was to ensure that the house would stand the test of time, becoming a cherished legacy for future generations.


Extensive efforts were dedicated to restoring this residence to its former splendor, evident from the moment you step through the doors.

Strategic adjustments, such as knocking down walls and maximising doorway height, seamlessly fused the kitchen, living, and dining areas, prioritizing cohesion without compromising on storage.
The front bedroom underwent a remarkable metamorphosis into an adult sanctuary, featuring a walk-in robe and a well-appointed ensuite with luxurious amenities and ample storage. New walls and underfloors were meticulously constructed to accommodate the added walk-in robe and ensuite.

The transformation extended to the bathroom, laundry, and airlock areas, with new door openings replacing old ones. Wet areas received new windows, while original sash windows were meticulously revived. Preservation and restoration were key in maintaining the timberwork, doors, and hinges throughout the house.

Recognising the charm in the ceilings from the initial consultation, it was a clear decision to invest time in reviving them, along with the cornices. Custom cornices and beadings were crafted to match every finer detail. Timber flooring was seamlessly installed throughout, ensuring a harmonious flow from one end of the home to the other.
Thoughtful placement of skylights in the hallway, kitchen, and bathroom not only flooded the spaces with natural light but also complemented the overall floor plan and fixtures, demonstrating a meticulous approach to the home’s rejuvenation.

The success of this renovation lies in its superb floor plan, exceptional design, and precise execution. Placing the kitchen at the heart of the home positions it as the hub and focal point, seamlessly connecting all areas. The exterior and interior retain the natural charm and character that defined the home from its initial construction. Impressively, the integration of modern conveniences didn’t compromise any of the original allure, striking a perfect balance between contemporary functionality and timeless aesthetics.

Key Features

  • Terrazzo floor tiles throughout
  • Steccawood Natural Oak cladding accentuating the kitchen
  • Skylights throughout the home
  • Brushed Nickel fittings


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