Creating space with an aldgate bathroom renovation

15 Wooldridge ave Millswood Bathroom Renovation To Useable Spaces for Their Growing Family
15 Wooldridge ave Millswood Bathroom Renovation To Useable Spaces for Their Growing Family
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15 Wooldridge ave Millswood Bathroom Renovation To Useable Spaces for Their Growing Family

Making wet areas more user friendly for the whole family

As families grow and change, the way we live and use the space in our homes needs to respond and change too. When our clients at #15Wooldridge asked Trilogy Projects to make changes to layout of the family bathroom, ensuite bathroom and laundry, they also took the opportunity to update the decor and style in these and other rooms in their 1970s family home.

What did the client want this laundry and bathroom to achieve?

The client wanted to us to make some significant changes to layout of the main bathroom, the ensuite bathroom, and the laundry. They wanted these spaces to be more user friendly, and also for the decor to be updated from its original 1970s look and feel. While these rooms were by no means in a state of disrepair, it was nevertheless the case that a refresh was probably overdue.

In addition, the client wanted to have new floors installed in the living room and the hallway to give these spaces a new look that was nevertheless still in keeping with decor and design style throughout,

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What were the client’s must haves?

In both the main family bathroom and the ensuite bathroom, the client wanted new shower baths to be installed. They also wanted to have underfloor heating in both bathrooms.

As well as these practical renovations, the client also wanted the look and feel of the main and ensuite bathrooms to be made lighter and brighter. Part of this involved creating and installing new custom sash style windows that are in keeping with the style of windows in the rest of the house.

What Were The Original BATHROOMS Like:

Built in the 1970’s, this house is an elegant gem. It has undergone some updates and refurbishments in the past, but these have not always been completed to the standards this property deserves.

In addition, the bathrooms were quite small and so did not really meet the family’s needs, nor was the somewhat limited space in each being utilised effectively.

Key pieces of furniture and fittings in this renovation

In the bathrooms and laundry, the introduction of terrazzo look floor tiles has added a layer of practical sophistication to the wet areas.

In the hallway and living room, Canadian urban oak flooring as brought a warmth and new tones to these spaces that is entirely in keeping with the rest of the property.

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What makes this laundry and bathroom renovation work?

One of the key features of this Adelaide bathroom renovation was that we changed the orientation of the wet areas, creating a floor plan that is more in keeping with the needs of the family.

The renovation also included the installation of shower baths in both the family and ensuite bathrooms, as well as new custom cabinetry in the laundry.

These spaces were all made lighter and brighter by the installation of custom windows in a classic sash style that reflected the windows in other parts of the property.

In terms of the renovations elsewhere in the home, the installation of new Canadian urban oak flooring in the living room and hall is a real highlight, and has reinvigorated the look and feel of these much used spaces.

What was significant about this Adelaide home renovations project?

One of the biggest challenges we faced in these bathroom renovations was the installation of a shower bath in each, as space was tight in both bathrooms and was not being used effectively.

However, we reoriented and reconfigured both bathrooms to include the new tubs, so that better use could be made of the available space and making them much more family friendly.

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