Rebuilt from the ground up in Trinity Gardens

The Client's Story

The original areas were extremely aged and worn-out, lacking structural stability and requiring extensive remedial work to bring them up to a high-quality standard. Additionally, the presence of numerous separate rooms made navigating within the house quite challenging, leading to a lack of homely ambiance and a difficulty in feeling truly at home.

The house underwent significant transformations during the renovation process. To start, we decided to maintain the existing floor plan at the front of the home, with the exception of one bedroom. This bedroom was opened up from the hallway and extended towards the rear of the house, connecting it to the open plan living area.

For the rear of the house, we opted to rebuild it entirely from the ground up. We believed that such a comprehensive renovation warranted the installation of new structural footings. During this phase, we left the roof and overall footprint of the dwelling untouched.

The open plan area was skillfully converted into a combined kitchen, dining, and lounge space. This newly created area also provided direct access to the outdoor entertaining area through bifold doors. To maximize space, the laundry area was reconfigured and integrated within the kitchen joinery. This modification allowed for the creation of a spacious and impressive bathroom.


There are many points as to why this renovation works now but most important are:

*The Improved Flow and Functionality: By opening up the back bedroom and extending it towards the rear of the house, the layout becomes more functional and allows for better flow between rooms. This creates a more livable and user-friendly space.

*Maximized Use of Space: The conversion of the open plan area into a combined kitchen, dining, and lounge space maximizes the use of available space. This multifunctional area is likely to be the heart of the home and can cater to various activities.

*Indoor-Outdoor Connection: The addition of bifold doors provides a seamless connection between the indoor living space and the outdoor entertaining area. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also allows for easy access to outdoor activities and natural light.

*Strategic Integration of Utilities: The reconfiguration of the laundry area within the kitchen joinery is clever. It saves space and centralizes utility functions, making the most of the available square footage.

Overall, the renovation successfully combines thoughtful design decisions with a strategic allocation of resources to create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Key Features

  • Recycled Baltic pine floor boards
  • Argent Freestanding bath
  • Velux Skylights over the kitchen and bathroom
  • Element integrated Gas fireplace


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