Storage and Space for this Taperoo Bathroom and Laundry

The Client's Story

The initial layout of the areas was uninviting, disorganized, and presented a confusing floor plan, rendering it difficult for the family to fully use every bit of space. The cluttered appearance of the areas was further exacerbated by the presence of numerous doorways, with some swinging towards the potentially useful areas, thus contributing to the overall confusion.

The original areas appeared to be outdated, with little consideration given to the utilization of space. The floor plan was poorly designed, with no thought given to the flow of movement within the areas.

The cluttered and confusing floor plan led to a loss of functionality in the original areas. The lack of organization meant that the family could not fully enjoy the available areas, leading to a waste of space. The presence of swinging doors into usable spaces compounded the problem, further limiting the family’s ability to use the areas effectively.


To renovate these areas, it was necessary to make significant changes to the bathroom floor plan. This involved swapping the positions of the bath and shower to improve the utilization of the space. Furthermore, one doorway was closed off to create a second preparation/makeup area, which was then installed to provide additional functionality.

To ensure proper ventilation in the bathroom, the ceiling had to be lowered slightly to allow for the installation of an exhaust fan. However, due to the presence of a second storey above, the vent had to pass through a narrow ceiling and into a false bulkhead before ultimately exiting through the garage. The false bulkhead was covered with mirrors to create a seamless look with the mirrored cabinet.

In the laundry, floor-to-ceiling cupboards were installed to maximize storage space in the area. These cupboards were designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, adding to the overall visual appeal of the laundry.

Overall, the renovation involved a significant overhaul of the bathroom and laundry spaces and the end result was a transformed and highly functional space that met the clients’ needs and exceeded their expectations.

Key Features

  • Large 600x1200 marble look wall tiles
  • Kit Kat feature tiles
  • Large Strip grate
  • Freestanding bath
  • Large mirrored cabinet


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