The Keys to a Comprehensive Kitchen Renovation

The Keys to a Comprehensive Kitchen Renovation
The Keys to a Comprehensive Kitchen Renovation
The Keys to a Comprehensive Kitchen Renovation
The Keys to a Comprehensive Kitchen Renovation
The Keys to a Comprehensive Kitchen Renovation
turquoise and Tasmanian oak kitchen renovation
The Keys to a Comprehensive Kitchen Renovation
modern turquoise kitchen renovation with island
The Keys to a Comprehensive Kitchen Renovation

An Adelaide kitchen and laundry renovation that was ultimately so much more

A recent kitchen renovation that we undertook in conjunction with Das Studio proved to be a fascinating project, as there were a number of unique and special requirements that the client needed to have incorporated in the work.

The property is owned by Robyn, who works as a nutritionist and operates her business from home, including giving individual cooking lessons to her clients. This meant that not only did the new kitchen renovations need to provide suitable work space, but the finish also needed to be completed to the highest quality, as the kitchen is both part of her home and a central component of Robyn’s work

What did the client want?

In essence, what was needed to complete the client’s vision was a comprehensive renovation of the kitchen and laundry, combined with a variety of intricate details designed to lift the project beyond that of a standard renovation.

modern adelaide kitchen renovation

As Robyn herself put it, “I wanted a kitchen that had layers of interest and contrast. I didn’t want a basic, block white kitchen, I wanted something that had textures, and a little bit bold.” However, these design features nevertheless needed to be combined with high levels of functionality in order that the kitchen could be used to hold personal cooking lessons as part of Robyn’s work.

What was the original kitchen like?

Before the kitchen renovations, there was only limited bench top and food preparation space, while the cabinetry and nib wall made the room feel somewhat enclosed and confined. The colour scheme also meant that the kitchen appeared a little dated, and out of keeping with the contemporary, professional look that Robyn was after.

old adelaide kitchen

Furthermore, the original kitchen and laundry were discrete spaces, and altering this was one of the client’s key aims. To achieve this, we punched a hole through the wall between the kitchen and the laundry, and this created a utility zone which could be used as either a kitchen or a laundry space, as required.

blue adelaide laundry

What were the client’s “must haves”?

Robyn had some very clear ideas when it came to design style and features, and we were happy to oblige. For instance, as part of the kitchen renovation process, she wanted to have natural Tasmanian oak reveals on the window and door openings as an intricate detail that would give the kitchen a unique, high quality finish.

In addition, Robyn wanted to bring more natural light into the kitchen, so we added additional glazed doors, along with lots of colour to make it a really fun and inviting space.

window pane laundry renovation

Key kitchen and laundry fixtures and fittings

One of the key features of this kitchen and laundry renovation was removing the timber floor and replacing it with a tiled finish that flows from one space into the next. These light coloured tiles also add to the sense of light and space, and coordinate well with the new joinery and cabinets.

The creation of a utility zone, where the kitchen and laundry spaces merge and provide flexibility as to how they are used was also central to the entire project.

kitchen sink renovation

What was significant about this kitchen renovation?

One of the most important solutions that we had to devise for this kitchen renovation was the design and installation of the timber reveals on the window and door openings. This was a very intricate detail and so required a lot of clear communication between a variety of different trades to achieve the desired outcome. However, it was certainly worth it, as the finished effect is stylish and unique (as can be seen in the accompanying images).

modern laundry renovation adelaide

Why does this Adelaide kitchen and laundry renovation work?

This was a unique project with some very detailed specifications and requiring a number of innovative solutions; however, the overall look and feel of the end result means that the client’s vision was successfully realised. Furthermore, when it comes to kitchen renovation costs, this project demonstrates what is possible when you have a unique vision and a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve.

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An Adelaide kitchen and laundry renovation that was ultimately so much more