Why Waterproofing is the Most Important Part of Any Bathroom Renovation

When you undertake a bathroom renovation, there are a multitude of factors you will no doubt take into consideration, from the way space and colour are used, to the style and placement of the fixtures and fittings, to the way the storage is configured.

However, as important as these elements of renovating your bathroom undoubtedly are, they are nowhere near as crucial as ensuring that your new bathroom is professionally waterproofed.

Why do you need to waterproof your bathroom?

Waterproofing a bathroom involves a physical barrier being applied to the walls and floor so that moisture is unable to penetrate the underlying structures, and as such it is an essential part of any bathroom renovation.

Firstly, it will help to stop potential leaks that can cause extensive damage, and provides an additional layer of insulation. Damp and mould are also less likely to develop in a bathroom with effective waterproofing, the presence of which can affect people with respiratory problems as well as impact on the value and saleability of your property.

Perhaps more importantly, effective bathroom waterproofing protects the underlying structure from water damage, and reduces the need for expensive and time consuming remedial work in the future. Poorly waterproofed wet rooms and bathrooms are amongst the most common building defects in Australia, so it pays to ensure it is done right when your bathroom renovations are underway.

A bathroom without sufficient waterproofing, or where the installation has not been completed to the required standard, can lead to a host of problems. Rising damp can become a significant issue, as can concrete cancer, where the reinforced steel contained within the concrete starts to rust, which in turn leads to its expanding and cracking.

Structural timbers can also become warped or rotted as a result of water damage, meaning that important structural features, such as joists and beams, are no longer fit for purpose. Furthermore, moisture in wood creates the ideal conditions for termites to flourish. These highly damaging pests can chew through wooden frames and cause significant structural damage to your home, so preventing them from infesting your property with effective waterproofing is beneficial both now and into the future,

What is required to waterproof a bathroom?

Bathroom waterproofing involves a membrane being applied to the walls and floors (before the tiles are laid) that prevents water being able to penetrating through to the structure beneath. The waterproofing membrane can either be in the form of a rubber sheet that is rolled out and adhered to the surface, or a liquid membrane that is painted on to the surface of the substrate with a brush or roller.

Fabric membranes and silicone are additionally used to seal joints, junctions and any places where the floor is penetrated (e.g., by a shower screen, etc.).

In Australia, there are clear standards and regulations in place pertaining to the extent of waterproofing required in a bathroom or wet room. However, it should be borne in mind that these are minimum standards and, wherever possible, should be exceeded.

AS 3740-2010 Waterproofing of Domestic Wet Areas details the requirements that need to be fulfilled for bathroom waterproofing to meet the standard. These are country-wide and so apply in all states, including South Australia.

There is the requirement that the waterproofing materials used should be designed to withstand both movement and exposure to cleaning materials, as well as the alkali found in cement mortar. Waterproofing membranes are classified by the CSIRO into three classes, according to their ability to stretch without breaking.

Always use high quality bathroom waterproofing systems

Trilogy Projects is proud to be associated with Gripset Industries, another leading South Australian owned and operated company. This long standing partnership is one of the reasons we are able to offer the highest possible standards of waterproofing in Adelaide.

In business for more than thirty years, Gripset Industries produces a range of waterproofing products, including sheet membranes and liquid membranes, designed to offer complete protection against moisture and water damage, and which are ideal for any type of bathroom or wet room renovation.

As a licensed GAPP Practitioner, Trilogy Projects in conjunction with Gripset Industries, is able to offer a ten year guarantee on all waterproofing systems installed as standard.

Furthermore, once a bathroom has been renovated and the waterproofing completed, we will issue a Certificate or Compliance as a means of confirming that all aspects of the waterproofing have been completed in line with Australian standards and to the manufacturer’s specifications. In addition to being kept internally by us, a record of the work will also be kept on file at Gripset Industries for further reassurance.

Please feel free to call us on 0459 218 772 or get in touch via email to learn more about our ten year guarantee and why Gripset offers the most comprehensive waterproofing protection for your bathroom renovation.

Can you waterproof your bathroom yourself?

As can be seen from the requirements set out above, the regulations around waterproofing in Australia are very prescriptive, and require a range of specialist knowledge and skills. What’s more, poorly designed and executed waterproofing can have serious consequences regarding the ongoing structural integrity and safety of your home.

When homeowners attempt to waterproof a bathroom themselves, many of the issues they subsequently confront are the result of poor workmanship, or cutting corners during the installation process. This can include not preparing surfaces sufficiently well before applying the membrane, not applying the membrane completely so that it covers the entire surface in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, or using an inferior product in order to reduce costs.

Given the demanding nature of the work, the expertise required, and the regulations that need to be fulfilled, anyone undertaking a renovation of their bathroom should hire experienced professionals to undertake all aspects of the project, especially given the fact that certification is required to demonstrate that the relevant standards have been adhered to.

Adelaide bathroom renovation specialists

Trilogy Projects specialises in bathroom renovations in Adelaide, Our extensive design and installation experience means we can ensure that all aspects of your renovated bathroom are completed to the highest standards, giving you total peace of mind.

Call us on 0459 218 772 or get in touch via email to speak to one of our team, and we will be happy to talk you through how you can ensure you have effective, long-lasting waterproofing in your new Adelaide bathroom renovation.